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Social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter receive a great amount of traffic every day. Use social media to connect with current and prospective customers where they hang out to enhance your brand reach and build relationships.

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The front lines of the battle to bring customers to your business has moved to the Social Media sites:

Google +

With new ones emerging every month.

Why? Because relationship marketing is the most powerful form of advertising. If a friend recommends a product or service, you are far more likely to respond than any other type of promotion. Search engines actually denote a business that is “liked” by one of your social media “friends.” You get more face time on search engines when you develop a social media presence.  

Our Social Media program not only sets up your social media sites, but continues to work with you on a monthly basis to:

  • Add new content to Social Media spaces
  • Increase your traffic using promotions and other proven techniques
  • Increase relationships with current and future customers
  • Keep fans up-to-date
  • Build brand awareness & enhance audience reach
  • Improve customer Loyalty
  • Get more face time on search engines


Setting up your social media is a highly customized process, depending on your type of business.  We will develop a program that is right for you and your business goals. Contact King Marketing Fort Wayne today to get started!

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