About HD Marketing & Design

Internet Marketing Company

HD Marketing & Design, is a full service Internet Marketing company specializing in providing small to medium sized businesses with an internet marketing partnership that will drive more traffic to their website, and more business to their bottom line.


What We Do
Our Team of specialists are trained to work on all aspects of internet marketing, from Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web video production, website design, and website advertising.  Our Internet Marketing programs include some, or all of the above services, depending on your needs and budget.

We understand there is no “silver” bullet in the process, that success comes in time from doing all of the small things properly, and that internet marketing is not a one time event, but an ongoing series of activities designed to bring you success month after month after month.

Our Commitment Is Your Success
A major part of our commitment to your success is keeping up to date on internet technology that changes almost every day.  Your old internet marketing strategy could be out of date within a few months.  It may be why your website suddenly disappears from the search engines, while your competitors stay on top. 

The Internet Has Changed Everything
Heather Dahman, founder of HD Marketing & Design started at King Marketing, marketing/advertising agency, in 1999.  Back then, we executed marketing strategies on radio or TV.  Today, we combine our extensive marketing experience with internet technologies to execute your marketing strategies where all the people are today, on the internet.

Our Services

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