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You have a website, now what? The internet has made apparent that a company's website is an increasingly important tool. However, just having a website today isn't enough. The internet has also transformed the way people shop and learn about a companies products and services. Today, buyers start their process online in search engines, blogs and social media.

What is Internet Marketing?
Internet Marketing, also known as digital marketing and online marketing, is the way businesses use the web to promote their company and/or their products or services. Simply having a website is no longer enough you need to make sure that your website can easily be found on the internet and ahead of your competition. It's showing up first in searches, building relationships with customers, becoming an authority in your field, and converting prospects into buyers.

Our proven Internet Marketing System can help you create an online marketing strategy that increases visibility, develops an audience, builds trust, and brings in more qualified leads.

6 Spokes of Internet Marketing


6 spokes of internet marketing Social Media SEO Search Engine Optimization Blogging Web Video Internet Marketing Statistical Analysis


SEO | Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO

Location has always been important to success, and showing up on near the top of the first search page can make or break your website.  SEO is not a one time deal. The rules change. Your competition adapts to stay on top, you’ve got to work at it continually. Learn more about SEO

Social Media Marketing

Facebook was just the beginning. There are other new forms of social media emerging every day.  Working social media properly pays off in increased customer involvement in your business, and that results in more repeat business and referrals. Learn more about Social Media Marketing

Blogs & Updating Your Website

The static website is obsolete. Search engines only consider you relevant if your site is always adding new material. Users now expect your site to be up to date.  A “What’s New” or blog section is an important component of your site and must be updated frequently.  Learn more about Blogs & Updates

Web Site Video

Web users love Video, and Youtube has become the second largest search engine, behind Google.  Videos keep people on your site longer and show up in regular Google searches, both good for SEO. Learn more about Web Site Video

Web Promotion

Ad Words, and web ads drive people already on the internet directly to your site.  Even better, unlike any other form of advertising, they’re trackable. Even a small investment can pay for itself.  Learn more about Web Site Promotion

Statistical Analysis

It’s not just how many people came to your site, it’s also about where they came from, how long they stayed, how many pages they viewed, and more.  A proper analysis of the stats every month will help you improve the effectiveness of your website. Learn more about Statistical Analysis.

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