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It’s not just how many people came to your site, it’s also about where they came from, how long they stayed, how many pages did they view, and more.  A monthly analysis of your web site statistics will help you improve the effectiveness of your website.

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The internet gives us a treasure trove of data.  We can see how many people are visiting your site, reading your blog, and watching your videos. We know where they come from, and how long they were there, and what pages they visited while on your site. Most importantly, we see trends. Upward trends are nice, but downward trends tell us that immediate action is needed.

Improve the success of your website

By studying the stats, we can recommend what actions to take to drive more people to your site, and how to satisfy them when they get there. We are trained to understand the analytics of websites, and with this part of our Internet Marketing program, we use our knowledge to improve the effectiveness of your website, and hence, your business.

Statistical Analysis helps us:

  • Measure the success of our Internet Marketing efforts
  • Find ways to create more traffic and leads to your website
  • See what pages on your website get the most traffic
  • Understand what keywords and phrases prospective customers are using to find your website.
  • Review inbound links
  • Evolve your Internet Marketing strategy to keep your traffic and sales growing
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