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AdWords, and web ads drive people already on the internet directly to your website. Even better, unlike any other form of advertising, they’re effectiveness is trackable.

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Promoting your website in the past included such efforts as putting your web address on company vehicles, your business card, in your yellow page ad, and so forth.  Those things are all still good, but most web users will arrive at your site from some other site they are currently viewing.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Properly key-worded pay for click programs on search engines will result in measurable traffic to to your site.  The best part about these programs is the statistical feedback we receive.  Using these stats, we can continue to improve the effectiveness of your program. 

Banner Ads
Paid banner ads on targeted high traffic websites and social media sites work like a small billboard, and are effective ways to build name/event recognition and send traffic to your site.  The number of people who view your ad and the click through to your site is easily tracked. 

Email blast/Direct mail
Drive traffic to your sight with targeted programs using either or both email or traditional mail.

With our Web Promotion program, you set your monthly promotion budget, and we place it in the best way possible to reach your marketing goals and increase your ROI.  We’ll monitor the clicks, eliminating ads that don’t work, while maximizing use of those that do.  Monthly investment includes banner ad production, and key word optimization.  The more you invest, of course, the more people will be sent to your site, but even a modest budget will be successful.

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